Building Business Through Relationships

Newland General Construction will be in it's first year of existence in February 2012. I felt like it was time I wrote down a few things I've learned about starting a business in hopes that it can help someone else. 

We always knew we were going to start a construction company, I just had no idea how soon it was going to be. The day my husband said he wanted to try it out I was soooo excited because I knew that between the two of us we were going to really make it happen. 

The first few months were tough because, we really didn't know that many people in San Diego and especially people who needed us to do the work. It was a time that we focused most of our attention on networking, building relationships and making sure that each customer's experience was fabulous. 

During this time of course we asked ourselves a million questions like... Am I doing this right? should I be doing this? and the most important... How am I going to pay for all the materials and keep cash flow in check? A few times I offered to go back to work but, we both knew to really make this company work we needed the two of us.

After a while of a million questions and decisions we found a rhythm that worked for us. At this time we began attending workshops with SCORE and began networking with other business owners who were encountering the same daily issues that we were going through. Sometimes when you start a business you feel alone like no one else understands, but these workshops helped us in establishing networks with other business owners who have already gone through the hoops and most of the time are very willing to help a start up. These relationships along with client relationships is what helped us build more confidence. 

We continue to get new clients everyday and make sure each one has an excellent experience because, most of our current work is from past clients who were impressed with our services. Those relationships are important to maintain because they lead to referrals and consistency in work. And, when there is consistency we have a better understanding of how many resources we can have to help the company grow. 

So, someday we will be up there building hotels and other commercial buildings :)


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