Not just living in Omaha

Life is never planned out. It can go from being perfect to completely chaotic. Change is hard for everyone from a preschooler who is leaving their mother for the first time to a recent college graduate who is now beginning their Career in the “Real World.” The important thing about change is that it brings new trials and new bliss.

With change, you have the choice to run and hide from it or to use it as a way to explore and create a new path. though it can be a terrifying thing, the uncertainty.  What person doesn't want a new adventure in their life? What person doesn't want to say they lived their life to the fullest? Change and choices are necessary. 

Every person experiences change and makes choices in life. Most feel they want limited change and settle with easy choices. But, following that methodology will only hold the person back from what they really want. They live with regret of I wish I would have… What if… Could I have…Excuses are what hold people back. Excuses such as, I have to go to school I have to have this credential, license, degree before I have that. I’m here to tell you NO. If you have the drive the persistence and the ambition you can make it in whatever you want happen. Yes, it is a change but get up and be the person you were born to be.  How are you living? 

The Piano Guys! One Word "Incredible"

One word describes this group "Incredible." If you're in the mood for a contemporary piano tune these are your guys. Here is a sample of a couple of songs that I literally keep on repeat.


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