Hike or Photograph Torrey Pines Trails, San Diego

Torrey Pines reserve is the perfect place for the outdoors, runner, hiker or photographer. The grounds is a perfect morning or evening walk, but beware there are rattle snakes. The bluffs are amazing and the ocean view simply gorgeous. We decided to take the jeep and do it the real Cali way. We walked the easy trail to the beach flat and we came across many great picture opportunity's. The best part was driving and walking through the Torrey pines and admiring the big blue ocean.

Torrey Pines, San Diego

Beautiful Bottles

From California to Hawaii we all like to pick up gifts, souvenirs, or look at art from local artists. I fell in love with this piece while I was in Washington. This Eye Candy Fusion Art piece was made with the brightest bottles the artist could find and the colored dots were actually glass gems for vases.  I wish I would have picked up her business card… for now I can admire her talent and hopefully I will see some version of this piece again. Moral of the story if you are traveling and you LOVE something that will remind you of the place you are visiting buy it, or ask for a business card. Enjoy.
Bottle Art

Local Farmer's Market Little Italy, San Diego

Little Italy is one of the best Farmer's Markets in San Diego. The Market is downtown overlooking the bay every Saturday. There is plenty of fresh local produce along with vendors of all types. I love the eclectic food, the delicious pastries, and the overall environment. The art is also very impressive with paintings and boutiques all over Little Italy.
Little Italy, San Diego, California

San Diego with a View Point Loma Lighthouse

    It's amazing that locations like this still exist and are still available to the public. Point Loma Cabrillo National Park offers the best Skyline view of San Diego. I remember my first time there. I walked through the National Park Visitors center and onto an outdoor terrace where all I could think of was WOW! The pictures do not do this beautiful landscape justice. To experience it you must go see it.

    Along, with the amazing views there is also the Point Loma Lighthouse, though it is cramped and small on the inside, it offers an amazing spiral staircase. If you stand at the bottom of the staircase and look up it makes for a very creative photograph. Our friend Chad is giving Point Loma a thumbs up. Enjoy

Point Loma, San Diego, California

Flower Fields of Carlsbad, CA

Today was an amazing day at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. The day was beautiful and the flowers were gorgeous. Spring time is definitely my favorite season here in California everything is bright and colorful see the images above for todays adventure.

Flash Mob Extra! & Far East Movement

Advertising Flash Mobs! Everyone is trying to figure out a way to advertise effectively. The newer craze that has been out is called Flash Mobbing. Basically, people choreograph and practice a routine that usually has 300-400 people participating (depending on the cause). Then, they surprise unsuspecting crowds of people in large areas such as malls, concerts, and public areas with a song, dance, or sometimes even a frozen stance. I got to participate in one for a Primetime television show in Los Angeles... though I can't say what show until after it premier's June 6. Enjoy these images... we were also treated with an impromptu concert by Far East Movement.
Flash Mob, Los Angeles


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