Build It Workshops Grand Opening!

Grand Opening! The day has come and we are finally having our grand opening. We have been trained, prepped, and ready for a few weeks now. We had a very successful soft opening we even had a past contestant on Martha Stewarts’ Apprentice Carrie Gugger video blog about us. Please view the video about us and it will give you a better understanding about what we are about.  It felt so great to see families interact with the builds.
Our daily builds are what fill my love for teaching. I teach families how to create junk bots using simple circuits and motors.  Children are so proud that they created and decorated their own toy.  I can’t wait to see where this new adventure is going to take the company. 

Build It Workshops New Carlsbad, San Diego Creative Studio

Build It Workshops New to Carlsbad, San Diego, I’m working with the owner of Build It Workshops as an Educator/ Marketing coordinator to get the business model up and running.  
We are a creative studio for kids the focus is on STEM something very close to my heart. Being a teacher I really do believe we need more science technology and engineering in our schools. We need to develop kids who question and are not afraid to ask how things work. We are the first of our kind and are focused, invested and working very hard to make this open play concept into a successful business venture.  I will be posting a lot about what we are learning, what we go through and what it feels to start a business.  For mor information visit


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