Happy New Year! 2013 Already…

The year is wrapping up and it’s time to reflect on what went well and what still needs to be improved upon.

2012 as a whole has been a good year. We moved into a larger space with a gorgeous view that overlooks where I grew up. Every day I am thankful to be back to what feels like home.  My husband and I continue to learn about our industry and grow our company a day at a time. We were able to host Christmas festivities with both sides of our families. We even squeezed in a trip to Hawaii to help my best friend move.

2012 has also felt like our sink or swim year. We have been swimming with our heads slightly above water for most of the year. With a positive outlook to 2013 we are hoping it to be our break through year.  We are definitely going to apply the Law of Attraction to attract nothing but positive energy to make our 2013 goals a reality.

When you write down your goals you turn energy into action. Action is motion. Motion creates momentum. Momentum moves you forward towards your dreams. (Jeb Blount)

·         Continue to stabilize the company
·         Start a family or the process
·         Get season passes to Disneyland
·         Take a few Marketing and Web Design Classes
·         Continue to meet people with common interests
·         Start saving up for Italy, Japan and Alaska
·         Start saving up for our investment properties

Hotel Del Coronado: An All American Christmas

It's that time again, seasons greetings from me to you. I hope everyone is having happy holidays.

Hotel Del Coronado had a spectacular holiday performance called An All American Christmas performed by the  Lamb's Theater actors.  The performance transports you back in time to the early 1900's, everyone feels like family and with every meal there is a song and dance. The show, venue, and food was delectable. My family and I enjoyed every minute of it and thought it was a perfect way to spend the Christmas holiday. For anyone who loves history, dinner theaters, and the feeling of family this performance is a must see. Book tickets early for optimal seating.

Snow 5,000 ft. Above Sea Level

Palomar Mountain, is best known for it's observatory, But finally after a very weak winter in Southern California, we were finally able to go to the snow, 35 minutes from my house in San Diego. It was incredible. The snow on one side and the view of the ocean on the other. honestly it was the best of both worlds. To top it off I went with my two best-friends. Life couldn't be better :).

Not just living in Omaha

Life is never planned out. It can go from being perfect to completely chaotic. Change is hard for everyone from a preschooler who is leaving their mother for the first time to a recent college graduate who is now beginning their Career in the “Real World.” The important thing about change is that it brings new trials and new bliss.

With change, you have the choice to run and hide from it or to use it as a way to explore and create a new path. though it can be a terrifying thing, the uncertainty.  What person doesn't want a new adventure in their life? What person doesn't want to say they lived their life to the fullest? Change and choices are necessary. 

Every person experiences change and makes choices in life. Most feel they want limited change and settle with easy choices. But, following that methodology will only hold the person back from what they really want. They live with regret of I wish I would have… What if… Could I have…Excuses are what hold people back. Excuses such as, I have to go to school I have to have this credential, license, degree before I have that. I’m here to tell you NO. If you have the drive the persistence and the ambition you can make it in whatever you want happen. Yes, it is a change but get up and be the person you were born to be.  How are you living? 

The Piano Guys! One Word "Incredible"

One word describes this group "Incredible." If you're in the mood for a contemporary piano tune these are your guys. Here is a sample of a couple of songs that I literally keep on repeat.

Good ol’ Chi-town

Chicago was hot, hot, hot. I spent a day in the city and basically spent most of my time searching for shade, a cool place or a fountain to cool down.  My first stop was the house where I grew up over 22 years ago. I remember loving summer because the fire department would release the water pressure from the fire hydrants creating an instant water park for all the kids on my block. We went to my first elementary school and passed by the best place in Chicago for Italian Beef Sandwiches- Al’s Beef.  After going down memory lane my uncle and I went to Millennium Park. This park was filled with art and architectural wonders. There is the “Cloud Gate” AKA Millennium bean, LED projection glass towers titled "Crown Fountain," and outdoor stadium. After taking tons of pictures of Cloud Gate we walked down to the Chicago River where we took a ferry and learned about the different architectural designs of early Chicago. Here is a fun fact the same builder who built the Trump Tower in Chicago is building the Freedom Tower in New York (there are many similarities). The passengers and I rode down the river admiring the tall buildings such as the Boeing Tower, Wrigley’s Tower and of course the Willis Tower formally the Sears tower. I do have to say going down the river did remind me of the scene in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” minus being madly in love with my best friend. The Ferry was fantastic but toward the end I was feeling as if I was turning into a refried bean. I bought a drink right after and we headed back north to hangout with my family.

Lake Powell, Utah/ Arizona

I have been so busy with work and my husband's new construction company I finally have a minute to  write about my latest adventures. Lake Powell was amazing! The arches, and tall boulders that seem to be hanging by a thread are fascinating and of course the jet skiing, wake boarding, fishing, and BBQ-ing.  


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