Micheal Jackson's Thriller Flash Mob at the Del Mar Fair 2011

My best-friend of 15 years and I along with 498 other Micheal Jackson fans were very excited to play tribute to the King of Pop yesterday at the San Diego Del Mar Fair. Below are some images and a video clip of the performance. We were dressed in our finest Mardi Gras attire because we started the show with the Masquerade scene from the Phantom of the Opera. Enjoy :)

Del Mar Fair Micheal Jackson Flash Mob                                       

Serenity is a much needed concept

I have been on vacation for the last month so forgive me for not posting as often as I wanted to post. It is terribly important to get out of the monotony every once and a while and allow yourself to travel and enjoy different locations. A lot of times when you come back from your travels you come back with a sense of achievement of being able to live outside of your comfort zone and exploring or getting lost in a new location.  I felt just that, and I also felt a sense of serenity too.  I was entranced with all of the amazing lush gardens and the gigantic trees that made me realize how small I really am. I love those trips… and I can’t wait to do it again. 

relax green kauai plants


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