Who I am... Who are You?

i am...always trying to grow.
i want...to travel all over the world.
i wish...I had my house by the sea.
i have...far to many things I want to do.
i hate...lazy people.
i fear...the unknown.
i wonder...what my kids are going to be like.
i regret...nothing ~ everything happens for a reason.
i love...Ryan, through thick and thin.
i always...try my best at everything I do.
i dance...a lot.
i rarely...have a bad time because, I make the best out of any situation.
i cry...when I am mentally exhausted.
i lose... place of my keys, ID, and cell phone all the time.
i am not always...extraverted I like my personal time.
i know... I am strong and can do anything I want to do.
i should...always be a first rate version of myself and never a second rate version of someone else.
who are you?
Inspired by Lucy who wrote a wonderful I am Poem about her self in her hip London blog. Picture taken at Dukes Restaurant in Waikiki

Nataly Vidales


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  1. Kar says:

    At my age, I'm still finding out, but...

    I've enjoyed your blog so much that I am bestowing the Versatile Blogger Award on you! For more information, visit me at http://flipsidesanity.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-first.html


  2. renate says:

    I loved this post! thank you for sharing:)

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