Serenity is a much needed concept

I have been on vacation for the last month so forgive me for not posting as often as I wanted to post. It is terribly important to get out of the monotony every once and a while and allow yourself to travel and enjoy different locations. A lot of times when you come back from your travels you come back with a sense of achievement of being able to live outside of your comfort zone and exploring or getting lost in a new location.  I felt just that, and I also felt a sense of serenity too.  I was entranced with all of the amazing lush gardens and the gigantic trees that made me realize how small I really am. I love those trips… and I can’t wait to do it again. 

relax green kauai plants

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  1. Rashida says:

    Welcome back from your vacation. I am one of your newest followers I look forward to reading all that you have posted. God bless Rashida

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