Good ol’ Chi-town

Chicago was hot, hot, hot. I spent a day in the city and basically spent most of my time searching for shade, a cool place or a fountain to cool down.  My first stop was the house where I grew up over 22 years ago. I remember loving summer because the fire department would release the water pressure from the fire hydrants creating an instant water park for all the kids on my block. We went to my first elementary school and passed by the best place in Chicago for Italian Beef Sandwiches- Al’s Beef.  After going down memory lane my uncle and I went to Millennium Park. This park was filled with art and architectural wonders. There is the “Cloud Gate” AKA Millennium bean, LED projection glass towers titled "Crown Fountain," and outdoor stadium. After taking tons of pictures of Cloud Gate we walked down to the Chicago River where we took a ferry and learned about the different architectural designs of early Chicago. Here is a fun fact the same builder who built the Trump Tower in Chicago is building the Freedom Tower in New York (there are many similarities). The passengers and I rode down the river admiring the tall buildings such as the Boeing Tower, Wrigley’s Tower and of course the Willis Tower formally the Sears tower. I do have to say going down the river did remind me of the scene in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” minus being madly in love with my best friend. The Ferry was fantastic but toward the end I was feeling as if I was turning into a refried bean. I bought a drink right after and we headed back north to hangout with my family.

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