Local Farmer's Market Little Italy, San Diego

Little Italy is one of the best Farmer's Markets in San Diego. The Market is downtown overlooking the bay every Saturday. There is plenty of fresh local produce along with vendors of all types. I love the eclectic food, the delicious pastries, and the overall environment. The art is also very impressive with paintings and boutiques all over Little Italy.
Little Italy, San Diego, California

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  1. Hi thanks so much for stopping by! You have a really, really nicely designed site here! and good content.. wish i could take a trip to that farmer's market, looks like such a cool, little place and i could so have a pastry right now, lol..

  2. love the pictures! sorry, it took me a while to figure out how to follow you! all these wonderful shots make me want to go to the farmer's market!

  3. Fuegita says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now following you back!

    I love all the pics on your blog they are gorgeous!

  4. Your blog is so beautiful! Am I allowed to follow your blog even though I am from Utah?? I didn't even know there we a little Italy in San Diego

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